Peer-reviewed journal articles

As a clinical researcher, I have published over 50 peer-reviewed articles in scholarly journals.  Topics include Motivational Interviewing, treatment of perinatal addiction, prevention of alcohol-exposed pregnancy, studies of addiction treatment methods, and studies of medication adherence and health behaviors in people living with HIV. More recently, I’m also publishing in the eHealth and mHealth areas.   Here is a list of some of them, with links where you can download a copy where possible.

  • McManus, K.A., Rhodes, A., Bailey, S., Yerkes, L., Engelhard, C.L., Ingersoll, K.S., Stukenborg, G.J., & Dillingham, R.D. (2016 accepted, in press). Affordable Care Act Qualified Health Plan Coverage is Associated with Improved HIV Viral Suppression for AIDS Drug Assistance Program Clients in a Medicaid Non-Expansion State. Clinical Infectious Diseases.
  • Quigg M, Gharai S, Ruland J, Schroeder C , Hodges M , Ingersoll KS, Thorndike FP, Yan G, Ritterband LM. (2016 accepted, in press). Insomnia in epilepsy is associated with continuing seizures and worse quality of life. Epilepsy Research.
  • Modipane, M., Waldman, A.L., Ritterband, L.M., Dillingham, R.D., Bullock, L., & Ingersoll, K.S. (2016, accepted, in press). Technology use among patients in a non-urban Southern U.S. HIV clinic in 2015. Telemedicine and eHealth.


Flickinger, T.E., DeBolt, C., Wispelwey, E., Laurence, C., Plews-Ogan, E., Waldman, A.L., Reynolds, G., Cohn, W.F., Beach, M.C., Ingersoll, K. & Dillingham, R. (2016 accepted, in press). Content Analysis and User Characteristics of a Smartphone-based Online Support Group for People Living with HIV. Telemedicine and eHealth.

Ingersoll, K.S., Dillingham, R.A., Hettema, J.E., Conaway, M., Freeman, J., Reynolds, G., & Hosseinbor, S. (2015). Pilot RCT of Bidirectional Text Messaging for ART Adherence among Nonurban Substance Users with HIV.  Health Psychology 34 Supplement, 1305-1315. DOI: 10.1037/hea0000295


Flickinger,T.E., Saha, S., Roter, D.,   Korthuis, P.T.,  Sharp, V.,  Cohn, J.,  Moore, R.D., Ingersoll, K.S.,  Beach, M.C. (2016). Respecting patients is associated with more patient-centered communication behaviors in clinical encounters.  Patient Education and Counseling, 99(2), 250-255. DOI: 10.1016/j.pec.2015.08.020.

  • Hanson, J.D., Ingersoll, K., and Pourier, S. (2015). Development and implementation of CHOICES Group to reduce drinking, improve contraception, and prevent alcohol-exposed pregnancies in American Indian women.  Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 59, 45-51DOI: 10.1016/j.jsat.2015.07.006.
  • Read, G. and Ingersoll, K.S. (2015). Which patient characteristics among cocaine users with HIV relate to cocaine use and ART adherence outcomes following a dual-focused intervention? AIDS and Behavior. DOI: 10.1007/s10461-015-1119-6.
  • Hettema, J., Cockrell, S., Russo, J., Corder-Mabe, J., Yowell-Many, A., Bundy-Carpenter, D., Chisholm, C., & Ingersoll, K. (2015).  Missed Opportunities: Screening and Brief Intervention for Risky Alcohol Use in Women’s Health Settings.  Journal of Women’s Health. 24(8), 648-54. DOI: 10.1089/jwh.2014.4961.
  • Bean, M.K., Powell, P., Quinoy, A., Ingersoll, K., Wickham, E.P., & Mazzeo, S.E. (2015). Motivational interviewing targeting diet and physical activity improves adherence to pediatric obesity treatment: results from the MI Values randomized controlled trial.  Pediatric Obesity, 10(2): 118-25 doi: 10.1111/j.2047-6310.2014.226.x.
  •  Ingersoll, K. Banton, T., Singh, H., Gorlin, E., Vajda, K., Peterson, N., Gonder-Frederick, L., and Cox, D. J. (2015). Motivational Interviewing Support for a Behavioral Health Internet Intervention for Drivers with Type 1 Diabetes. Internet Interventions. 2(2), 103–109.
  • Walters, S.T., Ondersma, S.J., Ingersoll, K., Rodriguez, M., Lerch, J., Rossheim, M.E., Taxman, F.S. (2014). MAPIT: Development of a Computer-Based Intervention Targeting Substance Abuse Treatment in the Criminal Justice System.  Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.46, 60-65
  • Thorndike, F., Ritterband. L., Gonder-Frederick, L., Lord, H., Ingersoll, K., & Morin, C. (In press). A randomized controlled trial of an Internet intervention for adults with insomnia: Effects on comorbid psychological and fatigue symptoms. Journal of Clinical Psychology. (link not yet available).

  • Penberthy, J.K., Hook, J., Hettema, J.E., Farrell-Carnahan, L., & Ingersoll, K.S. (In press). Depressive Symptoms Moderate Treatment Response to Brief Intervention for Prevention of Alcohol Exposed Pregnancy.  Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. (link not yet available).
  • Farrell-Carnahan, L., Hettema, J.E., Jackson, J., Kamalanathan, S., & Ingersoll, K.S. (In press). Feasibility and Promise of a Remote-Delivered Preconception Motivational Interviewing Intervention to Reduce Risk for Alcohol Exposed Pregnancy.  Telemedicine and e-Health.  (link not yet available).
  • Ritterband, L.M., Thorndike, F.P., Lord, H.R., Borowitz, S.M., Walker, L.S., Ingersoll, K.S., Sutphen, J.L., & Cox, D.J. (2013).  An RCT of an Internet Intervention for Pediatric Encopresis with One-Year Follow-Up.  Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, 1, 68-80.
  • Ingersoll, K.S., Ceperich, S.D., Hettema, J.E., Farrelll-Carnahan, L., & Penberthy, J.K.  (2013).  Preconceptional Motivational Interviewing Interventions to Reduce Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy Risk.  Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 44: 407-416.
  • Wolfe, H., Haller, D., Benoit, E., Bolger, K.W. Cancienne, J.C.,  Ingersoll, K.S., & Sharp, V.  (2012).  PeerLink: Development and Fidelity of a Peer-led Motivational Intervention to Engage Out-of-care HIV+ Substance Users.  AIDS Care.
  • Schafer, K. R., Brant, J., Gupta, S., Thorpe, J., Winstead-Derlega, C., Pinkerton, R., Laughon, K., Ingersoll, K., & Dillingham, R. (2012). Intimate partner violence: a predictor of worse HIV outcomes and engagement in care.  AIDS Patient Care and STDs26:356-65.
  • Strayer, S.M., Pelletier, S.L., Rollins, L.K., Heim, S.W., Ingersoll, K.S., Ritterband, L.M., & Schorling, J.B. (2012). Evaluating a web-based tool to increase physician screening and counseling for alcohol misuse: A Virginia Practice Support Research Network Trial. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 
  • Winstead-Derlega, C., Rafaly, M., Delgado, S., Freeman, J., Cutitta, K., Miles, T., Ingersoll, K., & Dillingham, R.  (2012). A Pilot Study of Delivering Peer Health Messages in an HIV Clinic via Mobile Media. Telemedicine and e-Health18, 464-469.
  • Hettema, J.E., Hosseinbor, S., & Ingersoll, K.S.  (2012). Feasibility and reliability of interactive voice response assessment of HIV medication adherence: research and clinical implications.  HIV Clinical Trials, 13 (5): 271-277.
  • Yeagley, E., Kulbok, P.A., O’Laughlen, M.C., Ingersoll, K.S., Rovnyak, V..G., & Rana, S.  (2012). The feasibility and acceptability of a motivational interviewing intervention for HIV infected youth in an urban outpatient clinic: A pilot study.  Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 23,  366-370.
  • Cropsey, K.L., Lane, P.S., Hale, G. J., Jackson, D. O., Clark, C. B., Ingersoll, K.S., Islam, M. A., & Stitzer, M. L.  (2011). Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial of Burprenorphine for Opioid Dependent Women in the Criminal Justice System.  Drug and Alcohol Dependence.  119(3):172-8.
  • Bean, M.K., Mazzeo, S.E., Stern, M., Bowen, D., & Ingersoll, K. (2011).  A Values-Based Motivational Interviewing (MI) Intervention for Pediatric Obesity: Study Design and Methods for MI Values.  Contemporary Clinical Trials. 32(5):667-74.
  • Ingersoll, K.S., Hettema, J.E., Cropsey, K.L, & Jackson, J. P. (2011).  Pre-conception markers of dual risk for alcohol and smoking-exposed pregnancy: tools for primary prevention.  Journal of Women’s Health.  20(11):1627-33.
  • Ingersoll, K.S., Farrell-Carnahan, L., Cohen-Filipic, J., Heckman, C.J., Ceperich, S.D., Hettema, J. & Marzani-Nissen, G. (2011).  A Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial of Two Medication Adherence and Drug Use Interventions For HIV+ Crack Cocaine Users.  Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 116(1-3):177-87.
  • Ceperich, S.D. & Ingersoll, K.S. (2011). Motivational Interviewing + Feedback Intervention to Reduce Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy Risk among College Binge Drinkers: Determinants and Patterns of Response.  Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 34, 381-395.
  • Farrell, L., Fabbri, S., & Ingersoll, K.(2010).  Technicalities: Getting and Staying Connected to People Living with HIV/AIDS in the Southern United States (letter).  Patient Education and Counseling, 83(1):139-40.
  • Farrell, L*., Ceperich, S.D., and Ingersoll, K.S. (2009). Enhancing Patient Adherence: Promoting Engagement via Positive Patient-Provider Relationships in HIV/AIDS Care.  Medical Encounter: Journal of the American Academy of Communication in Healthcare, 23 (2): 69-71. No link available.
  • Velasquez, M.M., Ingersoll, K.S., Sobell, M.B., Floyd, R.L., Sobell, L.C., & von Sternberg, K (2010). A Dual-Focus Motivational Intervention to Reduce the Risk of Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy, Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 17, 203-212.
  • Wagner C.C. and Ingersoll K.S. (2009).  Beyond behavior: eliciting broader change with motivational interviewing. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 65 (11), 1180-1194.
  • Fabbri, S., Farrell, L., Ceperich, S.D., Penberthy, J.K., & Ingersoll, K. (2009).  Toward Prevention of Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies: Characteristics that Relate to Ineffective Contraception and Risky Drinking. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 32, 443-452.
  • Ingersoll, K. S., Cropsey, K.L., & Heckman, C. J. (2009).  A Test of Motivational plus Nicotine Replacement Interventions for HIV Positive Smokers. AIDS and Behavior, 13, 545-554.
  • Heckman, C.J., Wilson, D.B., Ingersoll, K.S. (2009). The influence of appearance, health, and future orientations on tanning behavior. American Journal of Health Behavior, 33, 238-243. No link available.
  • Wagner, C.C. and Ingersoll, K.S.  (2008). Beyond cognition: Broadening the Emotional Base of Motivational Interviewing.  Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 18, 191-206.
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  • Floyd RL, Sobell M, Velasquez MM, Ingersoll K, Nettleman M, Sobell L, Mullen PD, Ceperich S, von Sternberg K, Bolton B, Johnson K, Skarpness B, Nagaraja J and the Project CHOICES Efficacy Study Group (2007), Preventing alcohol-exposed pregnancies: a randomized controlled trial. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 32, 1-10.
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  • Sobell, M. B., Sobell, L. C., Johnson, K., Velasquez, M. M., Mullen, P. D., von Sternberg, K., Nettleman, M. D., Ingersoll, K. S., Ceperich, S. D., Project CHOICES Intervention Research Group,  Rosenthal, J., Floyd, R. L., and Sidhu, J.S. (2003).  Motivational intervention to reduce alcohol-exposed pregnancies—Florida, Texas, and Virginia, 1997-2001.  Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports, 52, No. 18, May 9-16.
  • Project CHOICES Intervention Research Group. (2003). Reducing the risk of alcohol-exposed pregnancies: A study of motivational interviewing in community settings. Pediatrics111 (5), 1131-1135.
  • Project CHOICES Research Group. (2002). Alcohol-exposed pregnancy: characteristics associated with risk.  American Journal of Preventive Medicine.  23, 166-174.
  • Ingersoll, K. (2001).The role of third molar surgery in the exacerbation of eating disorders (Discussion).  Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 59(11): 1300-1301.
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  • Ingersoll, K.S. and Cornell, D.G. (1995).  Social adjustment of female early college entrants.  Journal for the Education of the Gifted.  19(1), 45-62.

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