Sample MI Course Descriptions

I design each training event with your needs in mind. These are customized to your audience, to make them maximally useful.  The descriptions below give you a feel for what you might learn in training events of differing types or lengths.

Taste of MI: In a one to two hour in-service, Grand Rounds, or agency presentation, you will learn how MI is different from persuasion, what the four processes of MI involve, and get some quick semi-scripted practice experience to give you the feel for it.

Introduction to MI:  In 1 or 2 day workshops, you will learn the key skills, processes, and targets of MI, and jump into practice to begin developing MI skills.

MI Skills Practice: In 1 or 2 day workshops, you will refine your skills in Open Questions, Affirmations, Reflections, and Summaries and see how each fits into the four processes of Engage, Focus, Evoke, and Plan.   This is a hands-on experience focusing on ample discussion and practice opportunities.

Deeper MI Skills: In a 1 or 2 day workshop, or in 1/2 day workshops held over time, you will refine your OARS, fit them into the Processes appropriate for each client, and build your skills in using MI-consistent strategies that ignite movement towards healthy change.  MI learning at this level typically involves practice, videotape review and analysis, and learning a fidelity measure to help you code your own practice or that of your supervisees.

MI Supervision:  Let’s talk!  You may be a supervisor seeking to build MI skills in your clinical staff.  You may be an agency evaluator seeking to determine what level of MI skills exist in a set of staff members.  You may be a grant writer and want to “prove” that your group can do MI.  Which MI coding and coaching tool you use depends on your needs and goals.  After determining those together, we will design a customized series of training events for you and other supervisors.  These events can be either live or via webinar, and you will learn one or more of the standard MI practice coding systems.  For a free telephone consultation, send me an email at

Becoming an MI Trainer:  You may know and love MI, and wish to take the next steps to become an MI trainer.  Each year, the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers hosts one or more Training of New Trainers events.  Admission is competitive and generally, these events fill as soon as they are opened.  Get yourself ready to apply for a TNT with personalized consultation, coding and coaching of MI skills, and/or coaching of MI training skills.  Work 1:1 with an experienced MINT member to make your application stand out.  For a free telephone consultation, send me an email at


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