Motivational Interviewing in Groups: Training and Coaching

Chris Wagner and I have developed a suite of training options to help you learn how to do MI in groups.  Our book on MI in groups is available now!  We have a new website devoted to MI in Groups— please visit us at!  In the meantime, if you are interested in MI groups training, please contact us at:  We will be happy to arrange a free initial telephone consultation at your convenience.

My 4 day group leadership training in New York City at the end of January 2013 for peer counselors in the T-girls project to reduce risk behaviors among transgendered women at risk for HIV went beautifully. It may have been the best solo training I’ve ever delivered, mostly due to the amazing, smart, open, and dedicated trainees. The Summer of 2013 was a big MI Groups training festival. Chris and I completed an MI in Groups workshop in June in Sheffield, U.K with our dear colleagues Joel Porter, who was our cotrainer, and hosts Jeff Breckon and Judith Carpenter. Additionally, we provided a one day MI training for National Health Service partners of Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford, U.K. with our amazing friend and colleague Fiona McMaster. We did a similar trip to Detroit with friends and colleagues Sylvie Naar-King, Katie Brogan, Bob Kender, and Nikki Cockern with their dynamic team members.

While the CHOICES intervention has components outside of MI, it is a variant of an MI Group. Want to learn to do CHOICES in a group? Contact me to discuss it at


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