On MI in Groups in Ft. Wayne, Indiana with trainers Drs. Karen Ingersoll and Chris Wagner: 

“This was the single best MI training I have ever attended.” Debby Westcott, MINT member

“Perfect. They divided our time in the session perfectly. They gave a short overview and then divided us up into groups to let us try it on our own.”

“Excellent overview of MI in groups by developers Chris Wagner and Karen Ingersoll with lots of chances for real play to solidify learning”

On Training of New Trainers in Sofia, Bulgaria led by trainers Dr. Karen Ingersoll and Rhoda Emlyn-Jones:

“The training was well thought out, clearly demonstrating the style and spirit of MI. I liked the opportunity to practice some new and creative training exercises.”

“BEAUTIFULLY DONE! 1) trainers modeling MI communications skills. 2) practicing exercises and feedback extremely helpful. 3) the generosity and warmth of the small groups and everyone’s willingness to share experiences”

“The trainers creating a sense of safety at the beginning of the training which allowed comfort in order to learn.”

“Opportunity to learn from the leaders modeling MI spirit/ process”

“Absorbing knowledge techniques and wisdom from  2 very talented trainers and a room full of smart, diverse people. Learning some new tools and exercises to use in trainings. I loved the small group work.”

On Training of New Trainers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, led by Dr. Karen Ingersoll and Jeff Allison:

“Highlights included the trainers demonstrating MI throughout the 3 days, the pacing of tasks, the attention to detail, and the space for creativity”

“I really enjoyed the experiential exercises.  There were good exercises, very experienced and nice people, good climate established by the trainers.”


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