Motivating Health Behavior Change Using Technology and Combination Treatments

I am actively collaborating with colleagues to investigate how to motivate change in health behaviors using technology.

For example, in studies led by Dr. Scott Strayer, we have developed a web-based physician interview guide for both obesity and smoking (Weight Advisor MD R41DK083178 and Quit Advisor MD 2R44DA026682).

In a study led by Dr. Daniel Cox, we are investigating an interactive Internet intervention for improving the safety of drivers with Type 1 Diabetes ( 2 R01 DK028288), and my role is to lead the investigation of a telephone MI interview designed to enhance participation in the Internet intervention.

I am overseeing a study by Dr. Lee Ritterband of an Internet intervention for insomnia (SHUT-i), being tested in a national clinical trial (R01MH086758).

I am also helping with a study called MAPIT led by Drs. Scott Walters and Faxe Taxman comparing in-person to computer-delivered motivational interventions for people on probation (R01DA029010).

In a study led by Dr. Bankole Johnson, we are testing a combination treatment for heavy drinking college students using a Motivational Interviewing intervention, BASICS, paired with an investigational medication, Ondansetron.


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