Motivational Interviewing Training and Coaching

Learning Motivational Interviewing takes time and practice.  My philosophy of training is to give you what you need to try MI right away.  This usually involves a mixture of hearing, seeing, doing, and showing MI skills.  I like to mix up learning methods–some explanations, some demonstrations, some video or audio review, some real-play and role-play practice, and some coding and coaching.

Most people benefit from some in-person training followed by coding of practice samples and coaching to fine tune MI skills.

Training can involve individual training, supervision, and coaching, or agency customized training.  Here are some additional resources for learning MI.

Check out the sample course descriptions to see what might fit your needs.

I can do training across the U.S., and in Europe, South America, and other locations.


2 thoughts on “Motivational Interviewing Training and Coaching

  1. Hi … I live in Hartford, Connecticut ….
    I L-O-V-E your book on Motivational Interviewing in Groups ..
    When ? Where ? will the “M. I. in Groups” course be taught DOMESTICALLY …
    for the remainder of 2013 / going into 2014 ?

    Please keep me informed … add me to your newsletter / blog / vlog / distribution list etc etc ….

    Thanks again for your wonderful book !!

    Joe B

  2. Joe, we are currently planning a NYC training in Fall 2016! Watch this space for more news!

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