MI Groups Training Scheduled for Sheffield in June 2013

Our wonderful friends and colleagues Judith Carpenter and Jeff Breckon have been busy making logistical arrangements for Chris Wagner and I to come and present a 2 day workshop on MI in Groups, along with Joel Porter.  Here are the details!


CHOICES Training in Denver Feb. 28-March 1, 2013

Denver Health will be hosting a novel event, the very first training of CHOICES trainers, on Feb. 25-27, followed by a 2 day CHOICES training, on Feb 28-March 1, 2013.   Linda Sobell, Mary Velasquez and I will be the trainers for the TOT.  Participants in the TOT will be handpicked from among  FASD and CHOICES intervention experts.  They will then become CHOICES trainers who can help us extend the reach of this important program across the nation!   Stay tuned for more details coming soon.