New Review of MI in Groups!

There’s a review of our book by Dr. Leeman in the journal Social Work in Groups.  Here is the citation:

Dana Grossman Leeman PhD MSW (2013) Motivational interviewing in groups: Applications of motivational interviewing by Wagner, C. C., & Ingersoll, K. S., Social Work With Groups, 36:4, 374-378, DOI: 10.1080/01609513.2013.796443

Here is an excerpt:


Prior to reading this book, my knowledge about MI was limited. After reading

this book, I am interested in seeking training and integrating more of this into

BSW and MSW curricula. Today’s field is demanding it, and this book is a

response to the yearning for greater knowledge and skills and the practical

integration of different perspectives (MI and group work).

I think this book belongs on the syllabi of clinical practice courses,

group work courses, in social work and psychology programs. It is scholarly,

accessible, and highly engaging. I have referred to it several times since

first picking it up. I recommend this book to practitioners, teachers, field

educators, and researchers. Field educators will find examples of interviewing

questions that may provide ballast and comfort for anxious social work

students who are looking for the words to say to their clients. This book

comes at a much-needed time in the field, and I hope others will find it as

useful as I do.


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